Dear Friends,

The 2008 Legislative Session is over and was by all accounts one of the most productive in recent history. State legislators were able to set aside partisan differences and pass important legislation for Minnesota's families.

Some of the highlights include direct property tax relief to homeowners, increased funding for every K-12 public school in the state, nation-leading healthcare reform with expanded coverage for 112,000 Minnesotans, and 40,000 new jobs created by a comprehensive public works bill and transportation bill.

In addition to these accomplishments we were able to resolve a billion-dollar budget shortfall and balanced the state budget while maintaining our commitments to education, healthcare, and nursing homes. No general tax increases were used to erase the deficit; instead, we used a balanced approach that combined budget reductions, use of reserve funds, and increased revenues from closed corporate tax loopholes. For more details, please see my Legislative Report in the right sidebar.

It is an honor to serve as your State Representative, and I look forward to winning another term this year. Please join your neighbors and vote for me in the primary, and again in the general election. I look forward to seeing you in the coming months!

Warmest regards,


Leon Lillie was born in 1961. He attended Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and graduated with a BS in Political Science. He and his wife Missy, and his children Taylor, Mikhail, and Krystin, live in North Saint Paul. Leon was a councilmember for North Saint Paul from 1995 to 2004, and became SD 55a's Representative in 2004. Leon is currently a baggage handler for Northwest Airlines.